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Meet Catherine, petit apprenti co-founder

For several months now, I have been interacting with you on a daily basis. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, email or even by phone. Today, I wanted to officially introduce myself on a Q&A so you can get to know me better!

1) How did you come up with the idea of founding petit apprenti?

My eldest son always wanted to be held while I prepared meals. Which made dinner time a our house very chaotic and above all, discouraging. I wanted mealtime to be a calm and positive way to connect with my children but it was the opposite.

Until the day Felix’s godmother gifted us a learning tower she made by herself. This moment literally changed my life. Felix loved taking part in the preparation of meals and my hands were free!

Although it was made with lots of love, the learning tower we were given quickly wore out and I wanted to replace it with a new one. I wanted to invest in a product that would be thoughtfully designed with a quality that could last for years to come. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the learning tower that I was dreaming of. The design of the learning towers I found on the market didn’t fit the aesthetics of my home or the quality wasn’t good enough. I felt there was a gap on the market for this type of product and I decided to launch petit apprenti to fill it!

2) Are you working full time on petit apprenti and what is your professional background?

petit apprenti was my maternity leave project which eventually became my full-time occupation. Before that, I worked in the marketing field. 

2) What’s next for petit apprenti?

We want to continue to innovate with new products on the market of learning towers (by the way, some great new products will launch in the next months). In the upcoming year, we would like to widen our horizons developing other furniture for toddlers. Besides, we’re always open to new ideas and happy when you tell us yours. Don’t hesitate to write to me at catherine@petitapprenti.ca to let me know!

3) Can you describe your two sons?

My eldest son Felix is 6 years old and is a small tornado. He is always on the move and rarely quiet. He is a passionate boy with a big heart and is always ready to help when needed. He is melting my heart, even if he drives me crazy at times! My youngest son Justin is 3 years old and he is sweet, calm, affectionate, sensitive and very talkative. He makes me laugh with all the conversations he has with me on a daily basis. I would say that the personalities of my boys are totally opposite but perfectly complementary.

4) How would you qualify your design style?

I would qualify my design style of transitional. I love the mix of classic and timeless elements with a modern twist. I am a fan of Studio McGee and I would say that Shea’s style meets me 100%.

5) What is your favorite dish and the one you prefer to cook with your boys?

I would say I have a soft spot for italian food. I find it simple, delicious and easy to share in a family meal. In the summer, I love cooking our Canadian harvests with my sons. we often cook pies, crumbles, muffins and cookies!