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Safety rules

Here are the safety rules for the learning towers:

  1. Learning tower assembly must only be done by an adult.
  2. The recommended minimum age is 12 months. Your child is ready to use the tower when he or she stands firmly and walks by himself or herself. Your child cannot safely use the learning tower until this stage of development.
  3. Your child must always be under adult supervision when climbing, using or climbing down the learning tower. We recommend that you are no more than one arm’s length away from your child while in the learning tower.
  4. Keep sharp, hot or dangerous objects away from your child while in the learning tower.
  5. Do not place in front of a heat source such as a kitchen stove, oven or microwave.
  6. The chalkboard must be installed on the learning tower at all times, except when your child is climbing up or down. It acts as a safety panel.
  7. The learning tower must be positioned on a flat, hard and leveled surface only. Do not use the tower on an uneven surface such as grass or carpet.
  8. Your floor may have slight level variations from one leg to another, that's why we include felt pads that you can use to level the tower or simply to protect your floor.
  9. The learning tower should be placed in front of a solid surface such as a kitchen island wall or cabinets. There should be no empty space in front of the tower so that the child cannot fall.
  10. The learning tower should only be used inside the house.
  11. The learning tower is designed to be used by one child at a time.
  12. The maximum recommended weight in the tower is 160 lb.
  13. Make sure that the tower is at the proper height for your child. Regularly check if his or her hips are higher than the kitchen counter while he or she is in the learning tower. When your child’s hips are significantly above the counter, you must lower the learning tower level. Refer to the assembly instructions.
  14. If, after some time, some parts of the tower loosen, do not hesitate to remove these parts, put them back and tighten them again. The tower should only be used when it is completely tight. Occasionally verify thightness by holding each panel with your hands while slightly shaking the tower from left to right.

If you have any safety concern, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!